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I dunno...
So tomorrow dickbag comes to town to play 2 shows. We've swapped some emails over the last few days and things seem to be copasetic. However I still have a bit of anxiety about seeing him. I haven't seen him since everything feel apart with us in July. It's not so much that I'm worried about how he'll act towards me, it's just seeing him at all. Whether he's talking to some slutty girl, or me, or if he drinks an apple martini or just smiles it's going to break my heart either way. I just really didn't want to see him till I was 100% over this mess, but I guess everything happens for reason. Britt will be down here as well so I'm definitely excited to see him.

There's some other shit going on with some friends of mine. It just involves a passive aggressive/bragging type person and they've been in overdrive lately. This person seems to not like me having a friendship with a certain someone, and I think it's cuz the bragger has a crush on said person. Naturally this person is SO not interested in the bragger, other than just a friendship. Unfortunately said person made a comment saying I was cute, so now the bragger wants to use passive aggressive ways to punish me for it. They keep throwing things in my face that I don't even care about and I'm just like geez get some self esteem. You wanna brag and feel you have more than me? Fine tell me you've got a date with Johnny Depp, THEN you'll see me seeing with jealousy, otherwise I could a fuck. I think I'm going to have to cut some people off for a while...


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